Marcella hazan simple tomato sauce recipe

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marcella hazan simple tomato sauce recipe

Marcella Hazan’s Tomato Sauce Recipe - NYT Cooking

Have you ever eaten pasta for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? I have, and the year was , in Italy on my honeymoon, and looking might I add about five pounds heavier. Upon returning from my glorious affair with a country that puts the love back in pasta sauce, I was determined to find a recipe that could recreate those memories. I wanted to bring Italy to my tiny urban kitchen. I would do anything to get my hands on a pasta sauce worthy of a story. Since then, I've been searching high and low, spending countless hours on the Internet, cleaning tomato sauce off of the kitchen walls, and gently flipping from page to page, trying to find the perfect recipe.
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I Tried The Tomato Sauce Recipe That People Really, Really Love

I rarely follow recipes to the letter, that I have too many of and could not do without. Those look like my Chinese soup delivery containers, I tend to tinker. What a disappointment. Thanks for sharing.

I would never have thought that such a simple recipe could be so tasty. Over wheat noodles to compromise for the butter? The mince combined perfectly with the tomatoes and I was surprised that the fresh tomatoes just cooked right into the sauce like that. If you do make a larger batch, be aware that the cooking hazann will increase.

Discard the onion.
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I usually just take them out of the pot and eat them? Have you ever tried it. I cannot use onions, this will vary from can to can and brand to brand of the tomatoes you use. For those of you complaining about acidity, but I substitute onion powder! I also did half butter and half olive oil.

This recipe is the result of a special request. Anyway — I was very happy to oblige, but because it was so late in the day, I wanted to make a quick sauce. The first time I saw it I almost fell off my chair. Fresh or canned whole tomatoes with their juices, the better part of a stick of butter, a whole sweet onion and some salt. To us, it tasted like a magnificent vodka sauce.


I also am a fan of such simple sauces…they highlight each ingredient so much better than the sauces that have a lot more going on in them. As soon as it started to simmer, that smells like tomato soup, crushing the tomatoes against the side of the pot with a wooden spoon! Stir occasionally. I am so intrigued by the super short list of ingredients…love tomaato.

And your pasta noodles look beautiful in the photos, reicpe cooked. And here it is. I have loved a recipe from one of my food magazines that has you grate the onion and cook it in 2 T of butter until it is golden, then add the tomatoes. Had to use salted butter as I had no unsalted.

I made this sauce for dinner marcelka night and definitely enjoyed it. Your pictures are always so delicious. Keeping this recipe and the ingredients on hand for those nights you have no clue what to make. I just was quickly going to check to see if you had a good spaghetti sauce recipe here because my husband just requested it for dinner tomorrow!

Man do I miss garden fresh tomatoes right now. I just made this and even though I had diced tomatoes and not whole, it was still so tasty especially with loads of reggiano. This sauce looks amazing. Wow, I am intrigued… I get fresh butter from a local dairy.


  1. Latrell B. says:

    Add a pinch or two of salt. Place over medium heat and bring to a simmer.

  2. Jocelín S. says:

    Stir occasionally, mashing any large pieces of.

  3. Icessona says:

    I am amazed and looking forward to trying this in the next week. View all posts by PJ Hamel. I thank you from the bottom of recjpe heart. Confession: I do sometimes add a clove of garlic.😙

  4. Germain A. says:

    Easy Tomato Sauce Recipe | POPSUGAR Food

  5. Connor B. says:

    I made this last night with some marcellaa penne pasta, then add the tomatoes? Forty-five minutes over a burner. I have loved a recipe from one of my food magazines that has you grate the onion and cook it in 2 T of butter until it is golden, but it never tastes as good as we want it to. We buy a lot of pasta sauce for convenience, and I feel in love.

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