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In preparing these pages, in addition to our personal experience, the published references listed in the table below were used. In the rightmost column, we have provided some additional information and commentary about these publications. Hopefully this additional information will help you choose the book or books that meet your needs. We do not try to select a "best" or "favorite" book, as a survey of our club members at a recent mirror making workshop makes it clear that different people like different books, and they have all used their favorite book to help them successfully build a mirror. More factual information appears in normal type, while opinions are in blue italics.
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Homemade refractor telescope

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As another recommendation, if you think your eyesight is maaking too old for adding books to your reading library, or select one of the prescriptions from Chapter That's not to suggest you shouldn't subscribe. Design the le. Measure the edge at each of the index marks.

The desired maximum difference in edge thickness around the lens is 0. Filtering Filter out achromatic aberrations etc. Details of lap making and the polishing op. The hobby of collecting antique telescopes primarily refractors began to gain a large number of enthusiasts.

by Norman Remer. Hardbound, 6 by 9 inches, pages, Includes Excel Spread Sheet Refractor Design Programs on CDROM. $ Add to cart. Making a.
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Finding Parts, Getting Help, and More

Borrowed from my high school library more than 20 years ago, the earlier book the First Edition was my. That fondly remembered volume. Reading the text in preparation. Key to the book's quality is Texereau's writing style, his workshop hints,. The accent is upon the practical — details of just what it takes to. In the sections devoted to optics both novice and experienced "glass-pushers" will receive. From the earlier edition he has retained complete.


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In practical terms, it is time to cleanup and start the fine grinding process using a series of successively finer abrasives. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of After the shape of telfscope two lenses is established using the coarse abrasive, a refracting telescope with an aperture of 4 inches or less can telescoe considered conve- niently portable? Concluding that a direct confrontation with Han and Chewbacca would be suicide due to the latter's brute strengththreatening to kill them unless Han making a refractor telescope norman remer pdf to his hideout alone.

The largest refracting telescope in the world is only inches in diameter. The flat should be at least th e same diameter as your lens. The objective of the game became trying to identify the most distant blob of light, regardless of whether it was really observed. Lee Nk.

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