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04/26/18 - FTC - Serious Creativity: The Power of Lateral Thinking

Lateral Thinking: A Textbook of Creativity

Gayani rated it really liked it Apr 30, memory system is very good at creating patterns and that is the effectiveness of mi. De Bono argues that there is no true freedom lateal the ability to see correctly the options we have. If by logical thinking one just means effective thinking then lateral thinking must obviously be included.

Disadvantages of the system The advantages of the preset pattern information system have been mentioned. Uploaded by Tushar Walia. It is because dpf this general application that the material used in this book does not require the background of any particular subject An attempt dowwnload be made to develop lateral thinking attitudes as a habit of mind at least from the age of seven onwards. Aworld-renowned writer and philosopher, he is the leading authorityin the field of creative thinking and the direct teaching ofthinking as a skill!

The book is meant to be used. They are not intended to teach anything but to encourage the reader to develop some insight into the natural behaviour of the mind. It is always assumed that since the pear is a fully grown pear that it must have been placed in the bottle as a fully grown pear. As with trial-and-error a successful trial is still successful even if there was no good reason for trying it.

Generally, one at right angles to the other. Good book on basics of De Bono's thinking tools and is my first book of him! Every student could try to generate the different points of view or else different students edwaard be assigned to generate the different points of view.

In contrast the verbal material should be as definite as possible. With vertical thinking one concentrates and downloax what is irrelevant, with lateral thinking one welcomes chance intrusions Vertical thinking is selection by exclusion. Most of the time one might be using vertical thinking but when one needs to use lateral thinking then no amount of excellence in vertical thinking will do instead? Review to be updated further.

Anyone who is teaching lateral thinking, either to students or to his own children must supplement the material offered here with his own material. The effectiveness of lateral thinking for generating new ideas can be shown experimentally. The purpose of the formal techniques is to provide an opportunity for the practical use of lateral thinking so that one may gradually acquire the lateral thinking habit! Making railways pay.

Dr. Edward de Bono, Brain Training and Lateral Thinking pioneer.

Lateral Thinking vs. Lateral thnkingis thus contrasted with the orthodox, unimaginative but high probability process of vertical think. Community Reviews. No trivia or quizzes yet.

One can also collect examples of behaviour which seem bizarre until one knows the real reason behind it? Become a Certified de Bono Effective Thinker. The mind is a pattern-making system. Processing perceptual choice Logical thinking and mathematics are both second stage information processing techniques.

Published on Feb 4, the classic method for problem solving. This is simply added to the square to give a rectangle. According to de Bono, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies, A gallows upside down?

ByneenerishWondering why this is not as mainstream as his other work. When people talk about ways to develop creative thinking, theynormally give you exercises that MIGHT inspire you to come up withbetter solutions, maybe not. Edward de Bono is able tosystematically break down the process of "thinking out of the box"in a way that no one else has. That may sound like an oxymoron, butindeed, he has studied and practiced lateral thinking since atleast the 's, and therefore has been able to develop a systemthat will work every time, and not just a series of hit-or-missexamples that often do not work together as a meaningful whole. Review to be updated further. A good book on creativityBy George PeterStankevichA good book that puts creativity in a theoreticalcontext, and gives exercises for developing creative thinkingabilities.


It is a bit wordy and sometimes takes effort to read. Generally, an eBook can be downloaded in five minutes or less Lateral thinking is useful for generating ideas and approaches and vertical thinking is useful for developing them. Wading through flood water.

For that reason many of the principles are repeated at intervals throughout the book in order to hold the subject together and prevent it fragmenting into mere techniques. Read Boook For 30 Days! Example A story describing the uncomfortable life in a primitive community where the people eddward read or write and where only a bare subsistence can be obtained by hard work in the fields. The first chapter of the book provides more information on this matter.

Yet we have developed no practical tools for handling insight. This snapping change occurs as one switches from one stable pattern to another? With vertical thinking one moves in a dearly defined direction towards the solution of a problem. At first it seems easy and various attempts are made to link up the dots.

This introduces a whole new range of shapes. What then. The limited attention span means that only part of the memory surface can be activated at any one time. Edward De Bono.


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    It is concerned with challenging assumptions and generation of new ideas. Describe three different things that could be happening in that picture? So used are we to the habits of vertical thinking that some of these points of difference may seem sacrilegious. Lateral thinking is like the reverse gear in a car.

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