The world god only knows light novel

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the world god only knows light novel

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The World God Only Knows - Art Book

The world god only knows. Vol. 2

Namespaces Main page Discussion. Neither woeld are a serious type; they're more of a laid back watch. Both anime's have to deal with raising flags, and can also draw out a tear or two. With genuine stories that don't simply consist of ecchi around every corner, which are in turn are related to dating-sim games?

Sharp production values and creative character design make this show a visual and audio treat". Main character is an otaku gamer. Both MCs looking for something deep within people that causes them to nbe unsettled; runaway spirits for Keima and broken hearts for Kobato. There is also a imouto or little sister character in both.

The anime series has been licensed for an English-language release by Sentai Filmworks in North America. Keima Katsuragi , a second-year high school student, is an avid player of gal games video games that involve interactions with anime-styled pretty girls.
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Date A Live uses "Spirits" instead of loose souls, Akash Chowdhury marked it as to-read Mar 06, though they both give disasters to the everyday life of people. References to other anime can also be seen throughout. Retrieved December.

Toward the north of the new station in a little city called Maijima there is a hospital that quite desolate of people, except for some hospital staff, doctor, and occassionally a few patient that brought in emergency. In the dark corner of second floor is a ward with number of in its door. Blankets were thrown up in a flurry while a frail teenager suddenly sat up with a jolt. Moonlight illuminate his handsome face through window glass, casting a pale white expression on his face. Meeting a dying god, saving the world? Is this real?


Low fanservice levels if any at all. Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga Both also have a supernatural element. Both main characters are similar in there life styles.

The setting is also in school and includes comedy although it is more apparent in Kami Nomi. Baka-Tsuki BT is a fan translation community that hosts translations for light novels in the Wiki format. Retrieved September 18, Not to mention that gorgeous character design of both anime is lighy the same person.

Created by Anotic! While his head in a jumble and confussion suddenly an influx of new memories assault his mind making him gruntled in pain. Report abuse. Anime and manga portal.

Read recommendations by 1 more user. They also seems to have an obsessiveness in video games. Snarky male protagonists that have to solve various girls' supernatural ailments by helping them come to terms with their own personal issues. They both also use strategies they learn from dating sims to cause these girls to fall in love with them.


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    Both are total outcasts and cynics, Keima starts seeing visions of a child who is somewhat familiar to him. Reset language. After Vintage's plans are thwarted, but they prefer it that way. Like always he got yelled by his mother for holed up in his room and extinguish his mood to continue read his manga.🙇

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    The World God Only Knows (Another Ending)

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    Same sort of thing. The idea of a game like scenario where the main protagonist must win the hearts of female characters is a theme present in both series. Snarky male protagonists that have to solve various girls' supernatural ailments by helping them come to terms with their own personal issues. One is helping hell with the aid of a fire-truck loving demon, while the other is being helped by heaven and a sweet obsessed angel.😂

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