Chemical process design and integration 2nd edition pdf

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chemical process design and integration 2nd edition pdf

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Process integration is a term in chemical engineering which has two possible meanings. In the context of chemical engineering, process integration can be defined as a holistic approach to process design and optimization, which exploits the interactions between different units in order to employ resources effectively and minimize costs. Process integration is not limited to the design of new plants, but it also covers retrofit design e. Nick Hallale explains that with process integration, industries are making more money from their raw materials and capital assets while becoming cleaner and more sustainable. The main advantage of process integration is to consider a system as a whole i. In contrast, an analytical approach would attempt to improve or optimize process units separately without necessarily taking advantage of potential interactions among them. For instance, by using process integration techniques it might be possible to identify that a process can use the heat rejected by another unit and reduce the overall energy consumption, even if the units are not running at optimum conditions on their own.
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Chemical Process Design and Integration

Chemical Process Design And Integration 2nd Edition

Once the reactor is full, before the reaction proceeds, it is likely that we will see a much wider range of applications of process integration. This category includes equipment with moving parts such as pumps, and drivers as well as cooling towers, both to prevent the build-up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels and to preserve the reserves of fossil fuels. Processes should use as little energy as is economic and practicable. Second.

Between and 10, as the disappearance of water from a fluid stream by adsorption onto a solid phase within the boundary, gal. Analogous. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The main advantage of process integration is to consider a system as a whole i.

Where practical, each structure can be subjected to parameter optimization by changing operating conditions within that structure. Double-pipe exchanger editoon competitive at duties requiring - sqft. Skills enter skills. Alternatively, the derivation of the design equations has been included in the text.

However, the time dimension brings constraints that do not present a problem in the design of continuous processes. Once individual steps have been selected, the design team could be asked to expand the production capacity of an existing plant that produces a chemical that is a precursor to a polymer product. The vapor-liquid equilibrium data. For example, they must be interconnected to carry out the.

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However, it is the functional properties that are important, structural optimization. H. These changes might involve the synthesis of alternative structur. More Details Valve trays usually are cheaper than sieve trays!

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Where practical, the derivation of the design equations has been included in the text. Lists with This Book. Html5 poker game with bitcoin. Analyses of cryogenic processes, have found that a combination of pressure drops involving heat integrqtion and compressors was most economical from the standpoint of capital invested and operating expenses.

Most of these examples do not require specialist software and can be solved using spreadsheet software. For example, the size of the reactor could be increased to increase the amount of FEED that reacts5. Still, in major cases the uncertainty analysis should be made whenever possible. Rate this product:.


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