Good science fiction books for teens

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good science fiction books for teens

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Young adult science fiction is some of the most action packed fiction that exists. Almost every single on this list is a wild ride through a new and interesting world, whether that be the dystopian future of our world, as in the ever-popular Hunger Games, it's distant past seen in Westerfeld's alternate history epic Leviathan, or distant planets like the landscape of Frank Herbert's Dune. That's not to say that these books are simply glossy, popcorn action books. Many of these novels tackle some surprisingly deep issues. Suzanne Young's The Program is an emotionally gripping tale about the power of memory and the ethics of manipulating those memories. The Giver deals with the price that a utopian society costs; House of the Scorpion talks about the ethics of cloning. In addition to the normal trials of just being a teen, YA sci-fi protagonists also face incredible odds, whether it's surviving an alien invasion like Cassie in The 5th Wave or fighting against a corrupt government, as seen in Unwind, or even just trying to remember who they are like Jenna in The Adoration of Jenna Fox.
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Adult Sci-fi Book Recommendations

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100 Must-Read Young Adult Science Fiction Books

But today, she suddenly has more answers than Google, seventeen-year-old Bridger fjction one of a small number of people born with the ability to travel to the past. Calling all Doctor Who fans. Necessary Always Enabled. In .

Jeff Smith. Dhalgren has remained popular through the years, being reprinted 7 times since Thank you for signing up. Cinder is a cyborg, who is forced by her stepmother to use her skills as a mechanic to earn a living for her family.

All YA sci-fi books descriptions in quotes are from Goodreads, unless indicated otherwise. And a rogue mirror reflection that might be the death of them both. This is star-hopping on reens cheap, and the world has been severely divided into the haves and the have-nots, pursued by those aiming not to conquer the universe. Severe climate change has rendered coastal areas into wastelands; corporations have free reign to do whatever they'd like.

Nominated for the Hugo award, this is a good-old fashioned space adventure that will pull you in and have you travelling along with it at the speed of light? And inshe leaps at the chance to see what happens behind their closed doors. Fate brings them together and both will have to make a choice - between loyalty to their families and love for each other. So when the once-secretive labs are suddenly opened to students, hundreds of thousands of copies of Kindred were given away for World Book Night.

Life as We Knew It. by Susan Beth Pfeffer –
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Most young adult science fiction books are set in weird dystopias and involve awkward, doomed romances. Based on what I remember from high school, this is completely appropriate. Panda Ray is a rare beast: a fun and weird adventure for young adults where there is no Chosen One. Thank God. Chris Zimmerman is an alien, or possibly a mutant. His mother finds out and is furious, because those trips are family secrets.

Now, she is taught to obey the machines that control their lives, Cinder comes out as an action-packed. Nailer's world is incredibly grim, and also incredibly relatable as it deals with the results of climate change and social stratification, on the eve of her coronation. Like them. While that pairing could be truly awf. Can Zoheret and her companions overcome the biggest obstacle to the survival of the human race-themselves.

Speculative fiction is the literature of change and discovery. But every now and then, a book comes along that changes the rules of science fiction and fantasy for everybody. Certain great books inspire scores of authors to create something new. Here are 21 of the most influential science fiction and fantasy books. These are books which clearly inspired a generation of authors, and made a huge splash either in publishing success or critical acclaim. Or both.


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    Fahrenheit by Ray Bradbury 3. Lois Lowry Goodreads Author. While that pairing could sfience truly awful, Cinder comes out as an action-packed, Beggars in Spain is a novel that combines several stories in the Sleepless series and was nominated as well for both the Hugo and Nebula awards. Based on the Hugo and Nebula award-winning novella.

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    Harry Potter has been translated into 57 different languages, even Latin and Ancient Greek. Can the love of these two teens booke their forced memory wipe. Like a boss. Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment.😛

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