Books about human trafficking survivors

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books about human trafficking survivors

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Photograph: Getty Images. Human trafficking inflicts physical, sexual and emotional violence on children across the globe. These impacts on the rights and wellbeing of children are devastating, both for their childhood and their adult life to come. Marginalised children — especially those without parental care — are not only especially vulnerable to trafficking and its various forms of exploitation, but they also face many barriers to accessing assistance needed to get out of trafficking situations. And so they often go unseen in our communities, as they suffer grave violations of their human rights.
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A survivor of child sex trafficking shares her story

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NCBI Bookshelf. Tammy J. Toney-Butler ; Olivia Mittel. Authors Tammy J. Toney-Butler ; Olivia Mittel 1. Human trafficking is a pressing public health concern which transcends all races, social classes, demographics, and gender.


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