Sample ielts speaking questions and answers pdf

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sample ielts speaking questions and answers pdf

typical IELTS Speaking Part One questions | TEFLtastic

An example of the ielts speaking topics part 1 2 3 pdf. Test format — Speaking 11—14 minutes. I am not in the vanguard for trying out cutting-edge technology but I follow the trends. I use Internet as much as three hours a day especially for work or following important world events. More and more I find myself using the internet instead of telephones…. Surfing the Internet is great but I must admit to a dislike of Facebook… I find it boring and trivial like all social media.
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IELTS Speaking : Practice Test 1 : Self-Study

50 IELTS Speaking Part 3 Topics & Questions with Suggested Answers (PDF)

What do you think would be a good solution to the generation gap problem. One of them which really interested me was grilled-Australian beef, rich and aromatic? Do you think that the internet and television will eventually make books obsolete. Last winter I remember looking out of the window one morning and seeing everything covered in a layer of white.

I also play tennis and squash when I can but I don't really get the time to do them as well every week. She told me, girls should have to care your appearance and strapless dress is one of the most vital items in my wardrobe. Are there good colleges in your country. Internet Describe a useful website?

Improve your IELTS speaking test skills

What do you usually do in the evening. Watching this program, I can gain a deeper insight into the business world and about obstacles that people have to encounter and overcome in order to succeed. In the evening I ahswers play video games or spend time reading books or browsing the internet. Does your name have any special meaning.

Do you get along with your classmates. But that said, so I can't see me being there forever. But finally I forced myself toward it because I know it was a good chance to communicate with foreigners. Where are you living now.

In part 3 of the Speaking test the IELTS examiner will ask a broader range of questions which are connected to the topics discussed in part 2, which gives you the opportunity to give your opinion on more abstract issues and ideas. Just try to speak fluently, use a full range of structures appropriately, and use a wide vocabulary resource flexibly and accurately. Topics include:. Who will pay for the wedding cost? Man or woman or both?

So if I have some free time at the weekend I might read for a few hours. She is good at cooking. The questions in this part include familiar topics such as home, studies and interes. Should actors be paid more. Young people prefer to play outdoor games while females mostly prefer to go out shopping!

Hi, I'm Liz. Speaking part 2 is called:. A face to face to talk to the examiner minutes. You will be given a topic card. You will have 1 minute to prepare your talk and then you will need to speak for minutes. Start preparing as soon as you are given the card, paper and pen.


  1. Cirenia R. says:

    IELTS SPEAKING: SAMPLE ANSWERS Trong tài liệu này, bạn sẽ tìm thấy kênh YouTube của thày Vũ Hải Đăng That's an interesting but hard question.

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    These IELTS speaking questions with answers will help you to successfully For example, if I am at work and I have a lot of cases, I just go through them each.

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    Accommodation ! Is it important for children to play sports. Read More. What is the penalty for speeding in your country.

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    Describe a time when the weather caused you to change your plans - You should say: what your plan was or, which is the capital city of Vietnam. My hometown's in Hanoi, plans were what weather you were hoping for or expecting what happened and explain how you felt when you had to change your plans. Enjoying the sunset beside a river is a common interest of local people. Ajswers are the alternatives.

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