Diana cooper 2012 and beyond pdf

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diana cooper 2012 and beyond pdf

Diana Cooper Offers You 'The Keys to the Universe'! | Wisdom | Universe

The world has never before experienced a shift like the current one that will turn us inside out. The world economy is to be dramatically affected. Individual country economies will alter significantly during the transition, until money no longer has relevance. Dinosaur businesses out of tune with the new paradigm will collapse and be replaced by smaller ventures working for the good of the animals, people and the planet. By , the governments everywhere will curb the power of the banks and many big corporations will be struggling for their viability.
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Diana Cooper on 2012 and beyond - Part 5/8

Transitions to the Golden Age in 2032

Instead focus on the good, so that it expands. She told us that she had had a blinding headache all day and desperately wanted an angel to come to her. In there will be a "gradual but accelerated" awakening as people raise their frequency. Never clear out an a passive act.

The beylnd who keeps drawing the same type of person into their lives is continuing to broad- cast the same message. In addition they are invariably bringing the spirits of loved ones to enjoy the event. The only thing that stops you manifesting your dreams is your doubt and your fear. Eckert pdf download Business Ethics [pdf] by K.

Nor does He judge you. They are drawn together from great distances and from lifetime to lifetime. At a christening, the angels are always present. It gave me a different view on what was going to be all about.

Only very evolved humans reach this level which is why celibacy is so difficult for most humans. You asked me if I wanted to go up to Source as it would mean purification. It was Source! You viana drawn towards you everything and everyone who is in your life; other things and people you have repelled.

John came to a workshop during which we released attachments. A couple I knew were absolutely desperate to have a baby. I regressed him to a past life where he was imprisoned in heavy chains and died under torture. A businessman had a terrible fear of torture?

Then as it became painful she disassociated from it by slipping into the past tense? Everything pdt orchestrated by the angels! Of course, this felt devastating for Debbie. To our Earth perception this is a terrible tragedy but the angels remind us that the soul chooses the method of passing and that no one dies unless it is their time.

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Diana Cooper 2012 and Beyond Part 3

Then they moved to her solar plexus. He said that it was the first time he invoked it but he firmly believed it saved his life. The contents of this book may not be reproduced in any form, which was attuned to the highest good of the planet, without the written permission of the publisher. The whole planet and all people and animals on her are starting to ascend with the help of the angels. They developed and used awesome spiritual technology.

ISBN All rights reserved. The contents of this book may not be reproduced in any form, except for short extracts for quotation or review, without the written permission of the publisher. The Ancient Cultures ey 6 - The Aborigines Key 37 - Time and Speed I dedicate this book with much love to my granddaughters Kailani and Maya. Diana I dedicate this book with my heartfelt thanks and love to my dearest family and friends who have graced me with pure unconditional love, during the most challenging time in my life. As we chatted my guide Kumeka came in.


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    The book contains a section about the transition periodascension and enlightenment. Her Spirit guide Kumeka, which comprises weather changes worldwide and "forecasts" for the various areas of the w. I hoped that I could keep my vibration steady enough for the angels to come close. They are not.

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    Transitions to the Golden Age in | Independent Publishers Group

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    What are you doing in your free time? Watching movie? Well, whatever your hobbies in your free time, absolutely you will need to read this article until the end. 🤠

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