English advanced vocabulary and structure practice pdf

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english advanced vocabulary and structure practice pdf

English-advanced-vocabulary-and-Structure-practice-Key by Truc Pham - Issuu

It couldn't have been Tom that you saw in the department store, for sure. We had to call the doctor because of the baby's high temperature. You had better not tell anybody about the discovery. The boys made fun of the man in spite of his old age. Help yourselves to any food you like.
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150 GRAMMAR STRUCTURES Learning English grammar lessons for beginners and intermediate - full course

English.advanced.vocabulary.and.Structure.practice - Key

What's the point ol storing all these empty containers. George won't lend his tape recorder to you unless you promise to bring it back by Saturday! Father wants you to get rid of these disgusting insects. I can't understand a bit ot what he says!

Come on I This water is not hot enough to make tea. Mr Sructure tried to keep up Nobody has ever broken out of here. We have decided to do up our sitting room in August.

Put 8. Why don't we call on the management to have a serious debate with the Unions. It will be that. I'm having these trousers taken advancec as they are a bit too long for my size.

It structue nothing to do with us what they do after lessons. I think going to see the match is prelerable to staying at home in the afternoon. Dan, would you be so kind as to hand over these tickets to Christine. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting for so long!

(13) in the building's structure when it is shaken, lifted, pushed or pulled. A building's height, its shape and construction materials are the most significant.
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Much more than documents.

Learning this long definition """"""""""""""" heart, about the lite or death ot its At tirst, I made a long speech on the current changes in the computer technologies. The serial murderer has been convicted V. Having introduced my guests to each other, at first. A building.

Group 1: abrupt awful clever common exotic extraordinary proper regular smooth solid stiff tight utter weak. Group 2: absurd chief decent exact partial private robust several superb steep terrible thorough usual vicious. Group 3: actual bare crazy damp fantastic fierce huge rough serious supreme strange typical urgent verbal. Group 4: authentic eligible extreme fancy fragile narrow opposite remote severe spectacular superficial thick vague wise. Group 5: amateur blank delicate flexible harsh loose incredible permanent rash sensible straight superior swift vocal. Group 6: brisk deliberate efficient empty fabulous foul horrible independent local pale recent sensitive slight smart tough. Group 7: ancient blurry cozy electric firm flat limp main plain ridiculous sharp strict tidy tremendous vital.


The statement boils down to making the public aware of the present situation. After a pause, the judge asked the suspect to go structture explaining his motives. This cheese isn't fit for eating. Scott] the Porning of America!

The beast was, - - - t 5 hidden in a winding labyrinth deep visited her in hospital. Your misfortunes are not my fault. He has an objection to keeping guard over engljsh place at night! It has been proposed that the case should be revised.

I knew nothing about the rebellion that they were planning. Sorry Sir, but your appointment has been put off until next week. Only a few Members ot Parliament voted tor the reforms. We are hoping the campaign will go off or else we'll lose our trading partners.

Lhair 6. The guide advised us to wrap up as cold weather was forecast. You are as sate as After a lengthy debate, the spokesman announced the board had a unanimous conclusion.


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