Machine learning in oil and gas pdf

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machine learning in oil and gas pdf

Application of artificial intelligence in oil and gas industry: Exploring its impact

We use them to give you the best experience. If you continue using our website, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website. The offshore oil and gas industry has changed rapidly in recent years, with new technologies being adopted by the energy sector to meet the challenges of a digital economic landscape. Artificial intelligence is an exciting new technological field, but what uses could it have for oil and gas? Umar Ali explores the applications of artificial intelligence in the offshore oil and gas industry.
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Published 01.06.2019

Automating Sequence Stratigraphy with Deep Learning to Inform Oil & Gas Exploration and Production


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Since its inception, technology has driven the development and transformation of the oil and gas industry. Technologies to locate and extract oil and gas reserves enabled the shale revolution, and a new revolution is around the corner for oil and gas exploration and production companies. While it might sound like something from science fiction, artificial intelligence AI and machine learning has the potential to reshape the oil and gas exploration and production landscape. Once viewed as a novelty, AI and machine learning are not far away from becoming mainstream for all exploration and production companies. The following discusses what AI and machine learning are and discusses applications for the oil and gas industry. Machine learning and AI allow computers to assess large volumes of data and make decisions to solve problems in a manner that is similar to how the human brain does it.

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Subscribe Bronze Sign-up Member Login. The energy industry is under increasing pressure to adapt and evolve in a wider macro environment where concerns around climate change and the drive for sustainability have become increasingly prominent. Its future will demand efficiency, safety, security and a reduced environmental impact. We believe that these changes will be particularly marked in four key areas. What that means in practice is that new technologies such as blockchain, the internet of things IoT , machine learning ML and artificial intelligence AI are shaping the energy companies of the future and ushering in a fourth industrial revolution. Technological innovation is unlocking and enabling new fuel sources; helping capture greenhouse gases GHG for safe disposal; improving energy efficiency; lowering the cost of renewables; and transforming oil and gas production, its transportation and its end-uses.


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    AI & Machine Learning: The Next Transformation for Oil & Gas

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