Water supply and sanitation rangwala pdf

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water supply and sanitation rangwala pdf


The first part deals with the fundamentals of Water Supply Engineering. It discusses the whole science of water supply engineering relating to the quantity and quality of water, sources of water supply, pumps for water supply projects, treatment of water, coagulation of water, filtration of water, disinfection of water, water softening, collection and conveyance of water, distribution system of water, pipe appurtenances, water pollution control, water management, radioactivity and water supplies, etc. The second part of the book deals with the fundamentals of Sanitary Engineering. It discusses the topics such as collection and conveyance of refuse, waste water, quantity and quality of sewage, construction and design of sewers, sewer appurtenances, sewage pumps, house drainage, natural methods of sewage disposal, primary treatment of sewage, filtration of sewage secondary treatment , activated sludge process, sludge treatment and disposal, miscellaneous methods of sewage treatment, miscellaneous topics of sanitary engineering, etc. The third part deals with the fundamentals of Environmental Engineering. It discusses the topics such as environment, ecology and ecosystem, air pollution, noise pollution, natural resources and population, miscellaneous topics of environmental engineering and environmental legislation. In this revised and enlarged edition three new chapters have been added.
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Classification of filters. Download Now. Introduction The merits and demerits of the existing systems in the various classes of Indian society have also been illustrated.

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Sources of air pollution Natural ecosystems The water supply santiation sanitation in India is mainly categorized as: Class 1 cities, Rural areas and Class 2 towns! Meaning .

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