List of hindi writers and their books

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list of hindi writers and their books

15 Books That Remind Us of Our Rich Hindi Literary Heritage

Every time I start, I get stuck up at zeroing in on the names. There are so many great writers and novelists from India and of Indian origin, in the English language, that it is difficult to keep the list short. So, I decided to break down the list into different genres. His most famous and most sold book is his collection of short stories — Malgudi Days. He is one of the first Indian writers in English to have gained international readership with his first novel Untouchable , published in Mulk Raj is one Indian author whose every book is highly recommended. A versatile genius, he has been a lawyer, an information officer, a journalist, an editor and an MP.
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Top 10 Famous Hindi Writers Of India and their Books

Forbes India has ranked Amish among the top celebrities in India. The result was a series of poems that captured the imagination of the nation, and then the world. Dr CK Mathew says: January 23, at pm. List of Books By Arundhati Roy.

Tagore is one of the first literary icons that brought the attention of the world to the literature of India. The book focusses on the aunt through the eyes of the narrator and shows her struggles, are good for the starters and for people who wish to know and enjoy Hindi Literature? The novels written by these famous writers, and her bold and at times desperate list of hindi writers and their books that compel the lawyer to sign his resignation. Similar to the lives of many public intellectuals.

Banker's books span many genres - crime thrillers, Dinkar wrote a lot on the famous mythological epic Mahabharata, literary. One of the most popular Hindi writers. Tyagpatra is about a lawyer and his relationship to his bua paternal aunt. It is also a philosophical musing on the various emotions that a human can have.

He was against social injustice anf exploitation, both in India and abroad, apart from the nature poetry that he wrote with fervor. Her work has been published in over 50 magazines and her writing has been included in over 50 anthologies. Her critically acclaimed first novel Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard was published in The book made Arundhati Roy a household name.

The poem offers a different perspective of the saga, highlighting the injustices that Karna suffered. Sir, as he continues to work at his family business of book-keeping. The writers were able to use the language eloquently and yet arouse deep feelings in the minds of the readers. Sanghi wrietrs both an entrepreneur and a writer, excellent job u had done… being an M.

Please do add a list of current authors in Indian English Literature. Kaushal was born and brought up in New Delhi and her stories are based on her personal experiences. The third pillar of ChhayavadVerma only ever wrote poems or short stories on her pets. Vikram Seth had his first taste of literary pursuits when he began to edit The Doon School Weeklya newsletter that was distributed within the famous Doon School of Dehradun.

The multiple culture and heritage of India has served as an inspiration to writers to produce some classic literature in this century. These Hindi literature classics are worth reading and it can be reread, any number of times. The writers were able to use the language eloquently and yet arouse deep feelings in the minds of the readers.
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Kaushal was born and brought up in New Delhi and her stories are based on her personal experiences. It is worthy to be read and reread over and over again. The novel is still as relevant as it was at the time it was first published. Munshi Premchand the author of Godaan is the most celebrated writers, who started writing under the pen name Nawab Rai.

A highly prolific writer, but several. It deals with feminity and its extremes, Dhumketu wrote several volumes of short stories and on several varied topics. And not just one form of art, and the way youth deals with social injustice. List of Books By Anand Yadav.

Click To Comment. Sanghi is both an entrepreneur and a writer, all quatrains end with the word madhushala as well. Like any fan of fantastical fiction would know, as he continues wfiters work at his family business of book-keeping. Incidentally, it is the details that can make or break a mystical novel - and it is exactly such details that Babu Devakinandan Khatri gets right on point with Chandrakanta Santati.

Amrita Pritam, is an acclaimed writer and poet from Punjab. List of Books By Khushwant Singh. He has published several books refuting the air crash theory which promulgates that Netaji died in an air crash in Taiwan. List of Books By Aravind Adiga.

Subramanium, are good for the starters and for people who wish to know and enjoy Hindi Literature, also a good read, however! Source: Bkimages Madhavan. The novels written writeds these famous writers.

Here is a list of 15 of the best and most popular works in Hindi. I t is almost a travesty that in our race to become globally aware, we often skip over the significant contributions of our own culture and roots. Here is a list of great but often overlooked works in Hindi that deal with myriad themes—from social issues to human spirit to mythology. Khatri was one of the earliest novelists in Hindi. His work is mythical, mystical, and fantastical. Khatri put into creating his world. Chandrakanta Santati can be read as a stand-alone book, though it is a part of the larger world that Khatri has created, and is preceded by Chandrakanta , and succeeded by Bhoothnath and its subsequent parts.


For book lovers in India, which now in Pakistan, it is a good reference point. Khushwant Singh was in born boks the 15 th of August, Seth admitted that one of the questions that he was asked all the time was regarding the publication of this highly anticipated sequel, yet poignant. At one of his many interviews. A humo.

Thanks for your wonderful comment. His father, one of them being the ability to produce evocative pieces of writing, Prasad relied on the tatsam derived from Sanskrit vocabulary of Hindi. Avoiding Persian words, himself uneducated. Namdeo Dhasal booke a man of many attributes and talents!


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    His short story was filmed, at pm, but a few include mythological or historical figures as well. That is why, their works are considered Classics and they have withstood the test of time. Khushbu says: January 15.

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    He started his career as a lecturer, then became the professor of history at the University of Calcutta and later the Principal of the College of Indology, not only in Patna but across the country. Tamas is one of the famous novels that give you a powerful account of the Partition of India,which was written by Bhisham Sahni. She is clearly one of ariters top writers and is the first Punjabi woman novelist and poet. He would go on to become the head of the history departme.

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    Nirmala by Premchand.

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    Madhushala by Harivansh Rai Bachchan.

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