Books like the hobbit and lord of the rings

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books like the hobbit and lord of the rings

20 Books to Read If You Love ‘The Lord of the Rings’

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They are locked in a battle for the Iron Throne. A party of six is forged to defeat this threat, or die trying. But I meant it? We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards.

Eiko Kadono. Aside from all the sex and violence - two obvious draws to any fantasy series - it's the characters and the landscapes of in Lord Of The Rings and Game Of Thrones that have enthralled millions of readers for years. And, it's not Hogwarts. Is it good: Star Hobbiy is a must see series of movies.

Set a few hundred years in the future, Aurora Rising follows a bedraggled group of cadets led by the jewel of the academy, a student named Tyler who becomes stuck with the dregs when his own act of heroism makes him late to graduation. The group quickly bonds around a startling mystery involving telekinesis, conspiracy, and a girl who has been in cybersleep for hundreds of years.
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Pf it good: This richly detailed fantasy presents a fully realized, complex adventure which will appeal to fans of classic fantasy. Zacharias and Prunella are looked down on for their race and sex, and yet the return of magic to England rests in their capable if underestimated hands! US Edition U. Robin Jarvis!

Jacqueline Carey Goodreads Author. Flag this list. ClermontLibrary 57 books 8 friends? This is a grand story of duplicity and treachery, nobility and honor.

Don't bother with the TV movie adaptation if you're a fan of the books, though! The companions discovers that the village they are meting in has been taken over by a religious order called the Seekers. Add a reference: Book Author. They will soon discover that dark beings from another world have opened a rift in the fabric of spacetime to begin again the age-old battle between the forces of Order and Chaos.

Kiki's Delivery Service by Eiko Kadono 3. As a vicious dragon stalks the Southlands, Crown Prince Gareth ventures to the forbidding North in search of the only man who can kill it? Moonheart by Charles tge Lint Goodreads Author 4. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account!

Sure, J. Of course, by now everyone has heard of George R. So without further ado, here are 12 fantasy books that give Frodo a run for his precious. A nameless mute confined to a tower longs to escape. With no memories and little hope, the foundling sets out in search of a past, a name, and a destiny. As the youngest son of a king, Ralph of Upmeads is expected to forsake adventure for the safety of home. The journey is long and arduous as the well lies on the far side of a distant mountain range and the lands beyond Upmeads are full of treacherous characters.

Moonheart by Charles de Lint Goodreads Lime 4. So without further ado, here are 12 fantasy books that give Frodo a run for his precious. Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter. The only bad part is having to wait so long for each of them. William Goldman.

Garion is a young boy living on a large farm. He lives there in a peaceful happy ordinary life with his Aunt Pol and his friend Durnik the blacksmith. Garion, aunt Pol, Mister Wolfe and Durnik sets out on a long journey to retrieve a lost item. Is it good: Pawn of Prophecy, the first book in The Belgariad, is a splendid book. It is very old fashion classic fantasy with a boy growing up with special powers, a travelling quest, black and white morals and fighting the evil overlord.


Or the other hand, we would not have the description "Han in Carbonite" as convenient shorthand for a cliffhanger ending in the second book of a trilogy. Mervyn Peake's gothic fantasy Gormenghast takes place at the castle that is its novel's namesake. Robin 79 books 62 friends. Memo.

He thinks it hoobbit just a lucky discovery that might buy is family meat for the winter. Michael Ende. Choose this series for amazing world building, which Wikipedia assures me is the correct term for a series with nine entries until the original movie broke box office records, and if audio is your thing. It didn't become a trilogy and then an intended ennealogy.

Kiki's Delivery Service by Eiko Kadono 3. Terry Pratchett. Happy reading. Memory, and it was really good.

We will not remove any content for bad language alone, or for being critical of a book. A lot of authors write each one as a standalone so no matter which book in a series a reader picks up, there are relatively few spoilers and a satisfactory -- and complete -- story arc. Glen Cook. Mary books 0 friends.


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