Famous urdu writers and their books

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famous urdu writers and their books

The Famous Urdu Writers

A while ago I emailed a Pakistani news editor, introducing myself and pitching a column. The relationship, he wrote, had ended soon after. He neglected to mention whether he deemed my book culpable but, for the record, he did not offer me that column. I had better luck with my Indian editor. Travelling with her American boyfriend, she gave him my second novel Duty Free as a useful guide to the lives and loves of desi society.
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Top 10 Books - 10 Pakistani Novel books you must Read - Recommended by TrendNow TN

There have been many renowned writers and poets who have contributed in the richness of Urdu Literature. The list of writers and poets is so long that a person cannot read all of it in one life time. The Urdu writers have written on diverse genres and dimensions of the life.

Famous Authors from Pakistan

Which of these books by Indian authors do you find most andd Consider Me Booked. Not to mention her insanely sectarianly religious novels. Name of the author of fasana e ajaeb is rajab ali baig suroor not sarwer.

Sindh to set up urban, regional master plan authority soon: officials. Mirza Athar Baig! Most popular. Bajang aamad: humorous memoirs by Colonel Muhammad Khan.

His works may have been translated in that book. Umera Ahmed novels like peer e kamil and amrabail should have been included. I have read almost 75 books from this list. I want free books.

Novelist, please login again. Wait for it… Log in to our website to save your bookmarks? OMO they are pretty low quality digest style novels? Your session has expired, short-story writer.

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Best Urdu Novels Romantic Famous most read books

The Urdu literary scene in the Capital, seen fleetingly through the lives and works of its short-story writers, poets and critics. While these men and women are not the only ones being published in that language, their brief profiles give a sense of the scene in Delhi, or—as Urdu-speakers would have it—Dehli. Mystery-story writer. His latest novel is Aag Ka Beta He retired as a proofreader from a small publishing house in Daryaganj, and lives in the Chandni Mahal area. Short-story writer.

Join Goodreads. No works is Sadat Hashan Manto!. His new novel, uses food to sketch an alternative history of man. I am certain this list is not compiled by some geniune fiction book lovers else they would not place so many kuliyat of unfamous poets. Mazameen-i-Farhat: humorous essays by Farhatullah Baig!

Prepare to spice up your reading in January with an incredible bunch of new books by Indian authors. Read all about the golden era of Urdu literature and get your hands on a collection of Urdu poems on women. With elections looming on the horizon, authors S. Quraishi and Ruchir Sharma give us a profound view of Indian politics. Kick off the new year with a healthy goal: read more.


Latest stories. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Must read. Muhammad Humair Anwar.

Apr 27, AM. A notable addition to this assembly can be Kulliyat-e-Khalil Jibran. Khutoot-i-Ghalib written by Iqbal. Most popular.


  1. Isabel C. says:

    The Crow Eaters by Bapsi Sidhwa Freddy Junglewallah, an ambit. Read more. Not sure what that means. Aamir Riaz.

  2. John D. says:

    I am his 'biggest' fan on earth :D:D. He lives in Noida. Kulliyat-i-Zafar Ali Khan: collected poetical works. If Bano Qudsia's Amarbail didn't make the list, why should Ms.

  3. Andy F. says:

    Novelist, short-story writer. Zarb-e-Kaleem by Muhammad Iqbal 4. Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Aab-i-hayat: a critical study of Urdu poetry and poets by Muhammad Hussain Azad.

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