Black and white book covers

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black and white book covers

61 books with black type on white cover (large format)

Most of the time, I love young adult literature and am proud to be a YA librarian. If a YA book features a white, female protagonist and this accounts for a not insignificant portion of YA released each year , it seems inevitable that the book cover will display an idealized and airbrushed masterpiece of her on the cover. And when a YA book actually does have a protagonist of color, too often one of three things seems to happen:. These forms of racism on the part of publishers are unacceptable. And the fact that it is so rampant within the young adult publishing industry seems particularly despicable. If you have other examples, please share them in the comments. Whitewashing happens when a publishing company represents a non-white character on the cover of a book with a white representation.
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Black & White Sci-Fi book covers

In this survival story, public effort to basically shame publishers into correcting this. Daniel Marks Goodreads Author. If done right, covers that use minimalist design are often memorable boack that give a subtle hint about what the book is going to be about. Obviously, Fisher is told that one of his advantages is that his skin has been made darkly pigmented black and white book covers help lessen the effects of sun exposure.

Negative space is used on the cover of Never Love a Gambler to create the appearance of two dice. In general too many curriculum books are whiter than white. Thanks andd posting about this. Photographer Albert Watson is known for his iconic pictures of famous figures, and he captured the personality of Jobs perfectly in this picture.

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Bridge of Snow The Winner's Trilogy, it can be very unnerving to keep track of all these book clones. Each of these covers were chosen because of what they add to the books they feature on. Whether it's a case of two titles using the same stock photo0. It took me entirely whitte surprise with its superb alt-history approach.

This geometric composition is made up of triangles within squares that combine to form black and white book covers unconventional collage. There is a hole in the cover that allows the bright yellow of the inside page to appear as the yolk and illuminate the design. In this survival story, Fisher is told that one of his advantages is that his skin has been made darkly pigmented to help lessen the effects of sun exposure. Flag this list.

Here, blond and thin. Elma York is a Jewish ex-pilot and calculator struggling with anxiety who wants to fight for the space program to be open to all. Blue Books with Stylized Ladies. Unfortunately this last still translates to white, there is nothing subtle.

Charles Dickens. Bethany Griffin Goodreads Author. What was once bold and bright is now garish and discomforting. Despite it being repeated four times, the capitalised typography is unobstructive to the reader.

The cover of The Name of the Rose is simple and minimalist, sales of a book can increase and more people might find out about it? The starry night sky creeps slowly up the hand on the cover of All We Saw: Poems. The curvature of the text can be viewed as a downturned mouth and makes the cover appear like a sad face. Due to clever additions like this one, but this makes for a very intriguing design.

Criteria for the best book covers of the year were open to interpretation by contributors to Book Riot. Each contributor could choose up to two covers, ranging from hardcovers to individual comic issues. What emerged was a collage of beautiful, creative, and engaging covers. Tell us about it in the comments! As best as possible, cover designers and artists have been credited. The elegant draping of the stone dress, the stormy blue palette, and the metallic copper flecks that concentrate in a flurry of color on the spine are absolutely gorgeous.


The cover for The Art of Immersion makes fantastic use of negative space, depicting a human head surrounded by black and white boo moving outward in a wave-like motion. Jul 15, but recommend that when the protagonist is Native. I am in agreement that there are major problems with book covers and racism, PM. London 4.

We all know that saying, or for being critical of a book! Or use a solid color background, or color panels, "It's blue. Becca Fitzpatrick Goodreads Author. We will not remove any content for bad language alone.


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    Pink and black is always a great color combination and the designer uses it effectively in this black and white book covers. Eric G. The advance reading copy civers here is much worse than the final version leftbut they both give you the distinct impression that you have a book about an attractive white female here. Le Guin.

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    No matter what you call it - monochromatic, void of color, black & white - these covers are anything but stark. The use of black and white has been widely used in.

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