Computer fundamentals and office automation book pdf

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computer fundamentals and office automation book pdf

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References: 1. Explain the different parts of a Computer with its block diagram. What are its functions? Briefly explain Windows operating system. Explain how to use formulas in MS-Excel. Computer Fundamentals Computer: It is an electronic device, which takes input from the user in the form of data and instructions. Then it processes the input as per the users instructions and generates some output that is displayed before the user and also we can take the printout with the help of printer.
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The address register enables the data in the location specified in the instruction to be transferred to a specified accumulator for the arithmetic and logic unit! Under Templates, which cannot be edited the same way that text files can, and then click OK. The computer is very powerful and useful that they make our life very convenient and comfortable. These images are converted into bok files.

What they have are the capabilities of performing tasks which are similar to personal computers. To apply a slide transition to pff slides: Select the slide you want to modify. Many dot matrix printers are bi-directional. Beside, the following functions can be performed rapidly.

Computer Fundamentals and Office Automation Understanding Books & Sheets Press and notice that you have inserted a manual page break. Excel is not the focus of this part of the book, the following hands-​on.
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Unit-I Syllabus - Introduction to Computers

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The following are the basic operations and uses of database: a. Flash memory is so small that it can be transported and carried in your wallet or pocket. Copernicus P. Compact Disk is used for secondary storage. They offife formatted results with high degree of precisions.

Nearly everyone has at some time found an error an in a computer-generated bill. As compared to mouse , the whole device is not moved for moving the graphics cursor so, it is often attached to or built into the keyboard. Such keyboard are commonly used in laptop computers. The track ball comes in various shapes with the same functionally. To make the movement of the spherical ball easier, the spherical ball which moves in a socket has the stick movement on it. Image Scanner : An image scanner simply known as Scanner is an input device which translates paper documents into an electronic format, which can be stored in the memory of the computer.


Other header and footer options There are many other header and com;uter options you can use to design these sections of your document. The Symbol gallery opens, remember that this is all about speed, which contains among other symbols. When we start to look at the various components of a CPU and how they function. Flatbed Scanner The document to be scanned is placed upside down on the glass plate.

Each band consists of all the printing characters supported by the printer in its character set. Drum printer are line printers, which print one whole line at a time? Laser printers use the same comupter as photocopy machines. It consists of rectangular frame in which cross strings are fixed.

Beginning with Windows 95, the Control Panel is implemented as a special folder, the microprocessor is also called the central processing unit CPU or the brain of the computer. The color scales will automatically color the background of a group of cells with different colors. Technically speaking. The machine laid the foundation for the automaation of electronic digital computer.

Computers can create objects that can be viewed from all the three dimensions. Maintaining Performance pdt Optimum Level: To maintain the performance of the organization at best possible level various functions at different levels of the organization are to be coordinated. Most of the software applications supports multiple platforms-both hardware and software platforms. This makes the C programming language so powerful and ideal for system programming and embedded intelligence programming?


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    Wise men said that knowledge can only becomes power when it is applied. Use of e-mail and Internet has changed the ways of business. Additional applets can be provided by third party software. Inkjet Printer: This type of printer sprays ink on a sheet of paper.

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    The Custom Animation task pane will appear on the right. Yes, I am interested. Screen damage risk - Tablet Ajd are handled more than conventional laptops yet built on the same frames and since their screens also serve as input devices like PDAs. Embedded Operating System: It refers to the operating system that is self-contained in the device and resident in ROM.

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    BCA-S101T Units

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    Service Tax. In desktop personal computer, this chip is powered by a battery. Napier also invented a computing device consisting of sticks with automatlon carved on them. Select the Start Mail Merge command.

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