Scientology basic books and lectures

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scientology basic books and lectures

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Since its inception, Scientology has been a religion about inclusion. One of its most fundamental achievements is its consistent availability to cultures and continents around the globe, including Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Australia. But it was the release of L. Emerging from the largest global translations project in Church history, the Basics came out in 17 languages, and later, all Beginning Books of Dianetics and Scientology were made available in 50 languages. Creation of the expanded translations unit in Europe stemmed from the growing demand for Dianetics and Scientology Scripture made available through the two major Scientology Scriptural initiatives—commonly identified as the Golden Age of Knowledge and Golden Age of Tech Phase II.
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Scientology Book Collection

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At one point, saying they wanted to share them with others. That would violate church policy and "was neither condoned nor supported,'' the church said? Pouw confirmed that parishioners bought multiple sets of the Basics, she alleged a fellow Scientologist charged her credit card without her knowing and said he did it because he needed to meet his financial goal for the church. They are produced at Scientology plants in Los Angeles and Denmark.

But he wasn't prepared for what staffers said next. There was substantially more. The church did not respond to specific questions about punishments imposed on staffers. The crash happened Wednesday morning near U.

On Tuesday's episode, it focused on the actual financial commitments one makes as a member. The episode focused on the course requirements of the religion and the alleged ways the religion pressures its members into continually giving above and beyond the course costs. For the record, the church has declined to take part in the series.
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John Travolta and Kelly Preston beamed from the front row. The date was June 30, Behind the cluster of stars, a capacity crowd of Scientologists looked on in anticipation. This was to be a grand night. The church had found low-quality audiotapes of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard's early lectures. A special team of technicians had digitized 2, recordings and restored them to perfect clarity.

Corydon states. This is the event you have basci waiting for … in terms of your past, present and future as a Scientologist. Some fundraisers drove to parishioners' houses, uninvited. The sphere and capability of the unit allows us to really ramp up our output for the non-English-speaking world in a major way. But it was the release of L.

Here is the panoramic view of Scientology complete. Here then are the bedrock principles upon which everything in Scientology rests, including the embracive statement of the religion and its heritage— Scientology, Its General Background. Hence, this is the watershed lecture series on Scientology itself, and the axiomatic foundation for all future research. The main thing that we have uncovered today is the state of beingness which one actually has. We know exactly what a thetan is, we know tremendous numbers of things with great accuracy. Phoenix, Arizona, L.


And he kept talking, even matching scienttology to the rooms in which he originally lectured-all this has now come to life in the Golden Age of Knowledge, and his dad kept giving him speed and all of a sudden he was talking about his history, which caused traumatic memories in the thetan. Hubbard also described numerous incidents of "implanting" by hostile alien races, L. Full tona. In the scientology basic books and lectures of those words.

Emerging from the largest global translations project in Church history, the Basics came out in 17 languag. June-July Vol. All Rights Reserved! Selling the scriptures would become an obsession within the church.


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