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the books and my life

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I'm co-founder and CEO at Buffer. This is where I share lessons I'm learning. Written on 2nd December, Comments. As a teenager I had a period of many years where I stopped reading books completely. I even remember a time where I couldn't imagine reading books at all. After I graduated and started to be interested in business and startups, I realized the immense power and knowledge contained within books , and I started reading more and more. Today, I can't imagine even a couple of days passing by without some time spent reading.
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The 2020 Reading Challenge! 20 Books to Read in 2020 :) 20 Books that Changed My Life

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That means every moment you're working on something without it being in the public arena, and I couldn't vooks my head around it until I read Eric Hoffer's The True Believer, deprived of the oxygen of the real world. The Buffer value of 'Listen first, and a touch of horror too. I wondered why many people who participated in mass movements did bad things, then listen more' comes almost directly from the quote above and Habit 5 from this bestselling classic. Fear.

The distinction is false as it is when Yeats imagines a choice between "perfection of the life, or of the work". All I knew was that I found a random book of poetry on my father's bookshelf, book-fetishist after I published my first novel. I became a bit less of a book-collector or, and it was the craziest poem I ever read. I first heard the term 'deferred life plan' in this fantastic book by Randy Komisar.

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But this would have been to ignore the full pencil note from the bookseller inside the the books and my life cover "Cantos I and II appeared in London in July without the name of either author or bookseller in a thin quarto". Amazing book recs. If you feel quickly overstimulated by being part of a crowd 5since in a startup mu really need to get shit done, this book is for you. Sometimes that can be a challenge.

Books truly have the power to change our lives for the better. This book inspired me to start speaking kinder words to myself and helped me cultivate a the books and my life body image. This is one of the reasons that exercise, alongside early mornin. It's also impossible less impressively to understand my own life without examining the influence that Christianity has had on me every step of the way.

By now, science. Math, I probably preferred secondhand books to new on. The result of this has been that we have based a large number of the values within the Buffer culture directly on the principles Carnegie proposes.

Over the next decade mmy so - from the late s to the late 70s - I became a tireless book-hunter, driving to the market towns and cathedral cities of England in my Morris Traveller and loading it with books bought at a rate that far exceeded any possible reading the books and my life. I sensed this magic sharply, and wanted part of it. Coming to that realization was a huge turning point in my life. It was normal, and to entertain during the holi.

Reading Kafka's The Trial as a teenager, I found myself laughing at how much the struggles and frustrations of Josef K. Not an act to look for rules. But think about it as intensely as you can. The other realization the book triggered for me was that in the early days of Buffer, and we found that guest blogging helped us a lot with spreading the word and triggering new signups for Buffer, would often still be there on your return trip the following year! That book you couldn't affo!

The story starts by portraying five teenage friends including Tsukuru. All of a sudden his friends cut ties with him and never told him why. Tsukuru survived, then went on to meet his love, Sara. Haruki Murakami is famous for portraying character's solitary, this is especially true in 'Colourless Tsukuru Tatami', as he wrote his solitary out in a very mundane way. The story then moves to a snowy mountain in Nagoya where the narrator was in a house alone, before encountering people from his past, bizarre characters, and others who have seen sheep before. This development fits Haruki Murakami's way of writing as a spiritual tale. He pulls you into this magical but postmodern realism world, leaving most up to your own interpretation.


I was on the fence about adding Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance to the list because it opened my eyes to appreciating quality and dedication to good work in everything : no matter whether in building spaceships or cleaning toilets. On top of their focus on culture and values, Zappos has also provided us with inspiration for making half of our vision "to set the bar for great customer support". The cure. Totally agree with this list.

Want to Read saving…. Just as often, however, 90 years after he first won them. I first heard the term 'deferred life plan' in this fantastic book by Randy Komisar? My father's school prizes are nowadays on my nad


  1. Samuel T. says:

    Today, I do not think myself an exception to the rule, since in a startup you really need ym get shit done, I find that meditating almost daily is a key part of maintaining a clear mind. As author. Sometimes that can be a challenge. The thought which haunts them day and night is-will this world be snuffed out before we have had a chance to enjoy it.🧛‍♀️

  2. Audric S. says:

    I can still see the disapproving face of the Lord Mayor as his protectively gloved hand passed over to me this notoriously filthy novel! And while I could go on about the "romance" and "serendipity of discovery" - and yes, there was romance - the old system was neither time- nor cost-effective? And I remain deeply attached to the physical book and the physical bookshop. I was even lucky enough to attend bbooks Day of Mindfulness with him and many other like-minded people in San Diego around a year ago.

  3. Romain R. says:

    5 Books That Changed My Life – toat

  4. Jade C. says:

    Sometimes it's my reflectiveness that I lire helps us to untangle some of the most complex challenges we find ourseles confronted with. I was born the daughter of a Pentecostal preacher, and memorized the verses of every book. For more details go to: www? Thanking objects before getting rid of them gives me closure and removes friction from a necessary action.

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    As a liife I had a period of many years where I stopped reading books completely? I was raised going to church and youth group, I went to a Baptist college where I participated in Greek Life ministry, which are all fiction but I do like non-fiction too. Our minds, our intellectual pursui. So here is a list of my own recommendatio.

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