Stock and transfer book sec

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stock and transfer book sec

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Stock Transfer Books Sample Clauses. Stock Transfer Books. At the Effective Time, the stock transfer books of the Company shall be closed and thereafter shall be no further registration of transfers of shares of Company Common Stock theretofore outstanding on the records of the Company. From and after the Effective Time, the holders of certificates representing shares of Company Common Stock outstanding immediately prior to the Effective Time shall cease to have any rights with respect to such shares of Company Common Stock except as otherwise provided in this Agreement or by law. On or after the Effective Time, any certificates presented to the exchange agent or HoldingCo for any reason shall solely represent the right to receive the Merger Consideration issuable in respect of the shares of Company Common Stock formerly represented by such certificates without any interest thereon. Sample 1. At the Effective Time, the stock transfer books of the Seller shall be closed and there shall be no further registration of transfers of shares of the Seller Common Stock thereafter on the records of the Seller.
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Affidavit of Loss - Stb

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When right to payment ceases. Right of inspection through agent 9. One of the requirements to effect a valid transfer of shares of stock is that the certificate of stock must be endorsed by the owner or his agent. In Rural Bank of Salinas vs.

The stock certificate is evidence of the personalty owned by the stockholder. Since your name is not on the books of the company, you can choose to be registered directly on the books of the company regardless of whether you bought your securities through your broker or directly from the company or its transfer agent through a direct investment plan. Non-transferability of membership. If a company offers direct registration for its securities, the company will not mail important corporate communications directly to you.

This requirement is borne out of practical considerations. Privacy Overview. Right to vote Your trransfer firm may keep you informed of important developments, such as tender offers or when bonds are called.

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There will be no discussion of the sensitive South China Sea issue with the Chinese Coast Guard chief who is scheduled to arrive in Manila tomorrow. Instead, you may transfef charged a fee for a replacement certificate, the company will purchase or sell shares for the plan at established times - for example, annual reports. While you will not receive a cer. If you lose your certificate.

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A stock and transfer book STB as defined in Section 74 of the Corporation Code of the Philippines, contains the records of all stocks in the names of the stockholders alphabetically arranged; the installment paid and unpaid on all stock for which subscription has been made, and the date of payment of any installment; a statement of every alienation, sale or transfer of stock made, the date thereof, and by and to whom made; and such other entries as the by-laws may prescribe. The STB shall be kept in the principal office of the corporation or in the office of its stock transfer agent and shall be open for inspection by any director or stockholder of the corporation at reasonable hours on business days. In Torres Jr. Court of Appeals1, the Court ruled that it is the Corporate Secretary who is responsible to serve as custodian of all the records of the corporation, to keep the stock and transfer books, and the only person authorized to make the entries therein. GDITI focusing on 2 major questions:.


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