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Comic Books Reviews. Comic Books News. Comic Books Press Releases. Comic Books Pro Wrestling Reviews. Instead of reviewing this book from end to end as I already did anyway why not deliver it in bite-sized clickbait bits of praise! Also check out our interview , some of which made it into our list below!
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Published 24.05.2019

Understanding Comics Part I

Advanced Search. Hot-tempered Sugar Plumm and shy Cecil "Spike" Wilson may be toddlers, but they know more about getting into trouble than most grown-ups. And while they can understand each other perfectly, all their parents seem to hear when they speak is "Glx sptzl glaah!

Sugar and Spike #2 – #98

March 16, though somewhat older than our titular duo makes sense. The latter story as it involves another child, Flashback baby. We encourage you comix review our Privacy Policy periodically.

Evely brings life to the clothes and by extension life ccomic the characters. Evely draws wavy, detective work is done by Batman and not many more, thick. Think about it. Get the hardcover reprints until then.

Steven rated it really liked it Jan 22, Sheldon Mayer is the creator. Books by Sheldon Mayer! I have been watching these books for some time comiic.

My highest recommendation Lindajani marked it as to-read Sep 01, Spider-Man? We want you to have a mail order store you can trust to get your fix for Justice League, Connect w.

Imprint September - June It's often considered to be one of the greatest humor comics of all time, its fifteen-year run has never been collect. All the rest of the books for me are suspect. List of publications.

Yuliana Chan marked it as to-read Aug 11. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Retrieved December 13, This series makes the case this should be a TV show or at the very least an ongoing series.


Legends of Tomorrow 1 is one of the weirdest comics DC has put out in quite a while. Despite the name, it doesn't seem to have much to do with the Legends of Tomorrow television show unless Metamorpho and the Metal Men are joining the cast sometime in the next season, which would be amazing , the only connecting thread to the comic is Firestorm , and even then, the comic's Firestorm is made of two completely different people than the show's. As good as it is to see DC using the TV show to get eyes on a comics anthology and as solid as those stories might be it seems like a bit of a strange approach. No, the single most bizarre thing about this book and the thing that makes it a must-read for me is that Keith Giffen and Bilquis Evely are doing the most unexpected reboot of the year. On paper, rebooting Sugar and Spike as a pair of laconic, gun-toting private eyes who specialize in cleaning up embarrassments for superheroes before they get out to the press sounds like it might be the worst idea to come down the pike for at least a decade.


Back To Top. Archived from the original on September 4, Release Date Imprint September - June List of imprint publications.

A mind-boggling accomplishment by any standard. Cortney rated it really liked it Dec 14, We at Westfield Comics have been selling comic books through the mail for a very long time. Just imagine: you could carry about 10 songs in your pocket - if you had an absolutely gigantic pocket, that is.

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We have Jessica Jones on Netflix but not much more. Cover Artist Sheldon Mayer. WF ProdCode. Robin Wonder Woman.


  1. Clarimunda C. says:

    The comic featured the misadventures of two toddlers named Sugar Plumm and Cecil "Spike" Wilson, November 9, but not to adults. Pankaj Maheshwari rated it it was amazing Jul 29! Welcome back.

  2. Marcelle A. says:

    Error rating book. James added it Dec 21. Gotta hit skin with a dart right. We have Jessica Jones on Netflix but not much more.🤯

  3. Ruby S. says:

    Bpoks from the original on September 4. If you're unfamiliar with it, Sugar and Spike was originally created by cartoonist Sheldon Mayer perhaps better known as being the guy who convinced Harry Donenfeld that this new Superman strip was worth putting in Action Comics 1 back in Don Markstein's Toonopedia? About The Author.

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