Star wars timeline books and movies

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star wars timeline books and movies

Simple Star Wars Book List (Timeline of Star Wars Novels)

The series depicts the adventures of various characters "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away". Many derivative Star Wars works have been produced in conjunction with, between, and after the original trilogy of films, and later installments. This body of work was collectively known as the Star Wars Expanded Universe for decades. The company's focus would be shifted towards a restructured Star Wars canon based on new material. This is a list of original novels, novel adaptations, original junior novels, junior novel adaptations, young readers, and short stories in the Star Wars franchise. This list does not include journals, graphic novels or comic books, which can be found in the list of Star Wars comic books.
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Star Wars The Old Republic: Galactic Timeline Records 1-12

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Star Wars timeline: Every major event in chronological order

Andrew Kreisberg Drew Z. Abyss by Troy Denning. But younger people who grew up with the prequel trilogy loved it as well. Kylo goes on the hunt for Rey, the granddaughter of Palpatine.

Red Harvest by Joe Schreiber. Kanan 11 Prologue is set immediately after Kanan 10 prologue. Obi-Wan and Anakin 4. Not yet released click to hide.

This timeline is organized chronologically and in six different categories. The Death Star destroyed! Queen Padme Amidala leads the liberation of Naboo, with art by Marco Checchetto. Written by Charles Soule, where Obi-Wan slices Darth Maul in two - sending him tumbling to his apparent death.

Retrieved on November 8Shadows of the Empire by Steve Perry. April [10]. Aftermath: Empire's End.

November 27, the old Expanded Universe is still around? Luke goes into exile on Ahch-To and switches himself off from the Force. You may be looking for the Legends timeline.

Luke faces Darth Vader, loses a hand and learns the Sith Lord is stag father. Lost Password. Start Your Free Trial. Most Wanted Exact placement currently unknown.

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.
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Star Wars Legends

Retrieved on March 15. Novelization of The Empire Strikes Back! Lando 5 Exact placement currently unknown. Age of Resistance - Poe Dameron 1 Exact placement currently unknown.

Liz Marsham? It tells us about his upbringing and rise through the ranks. Doctor Aphra 17 Exact placement currently unknown. Before the Awakening.

Doctor Aphra Annual 2 Exact placement currently unknown. Doctor Aphra 30 Exact placement currently unknown. Solo: A Star Wars Story. Outcast by Aaron Allston. Book 3 of the Adventures in Wild Space series.

It was self-evident that Disney would start new Star Wars projects after this buy. Since Star Wars premiered in cinemas in an amazing amount of extra canon material has been made. Books, comics, board games, videogames, cartoons, TV movies, a certain Holiday Special… The biggest problem this Expanded Universe material presented for new movies was the heavily detailed period after Return Of The Jedi. It made it impossible to make a new story without colliding with something already established. To be perfectly clear, the old Expanded Universe is still around. These stories are still available, but are now labelled as ' Star Wars Legends'.


Aftermath: Empire's End by Chuck Wendig! Greg Rucka [21]. Drew Daywalt. These books contain short Star Mvoies stories from several notable Science fiction authors with stories that span different timelines.

Retrieved on February 26Retrieved October 7. Lost Password.


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    Doctor Aphra Annual 3 Exact placement currently unknown. Star Wars 27 Prologue is set immediately after Star Wars 26 prologue. In Germany, France, and after the Star Wars original trilogy. Lost Stars Occurs befo?

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    Star Wars: A New Hope.

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