Famous indian authors and their books list in hindi

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famous indian authors and their books list in hindi

Popular Hindi Books

Hindi literature is a reservoir of beautiful stories that we have possibly ignored forever. However, it is high time you add a few amazing pieces of writing to your reading list - and these classics are perfect to start your journey into the world of Hindi literature:. It is hard to pick a single novel by Premchand because all his stories bring to the forefront harsh realities of life, written with a trademark ironical twist. However, it is Nirmala - that describes the story of a child bride and her husband, who is very senior to her - that stands apart as one of his finest works. His nuanced character descriptions and descriptive writing make for a thought-provoking read indeed. Madhushala is easily one of the most popular works of Hindi literature, and rightfully so.
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Indian books and their Author - पुस्तक और लेखक - GK for SSC, Railway and all exams

12 Classics Of Hindi Literature That’ll Open Your Mind To A Whole New World Of Storytelling

Excellent Ravi, It motivates people like me to write and be in your list. It is not an epic book, at pm. Kumar says: February 10, is thus a poem on Karna. Rashmirathibut a long poem.

Hey Pallavi. Would love to read that too! Annie says: August 27, at pm. Smith Book Review.

Here is a list of 15 of the best and most popular works in Hindi. I t is almost a travesty that in our race to become globally aware, we often skip over the significant contributions of our own culture and roots. Here is a list of great but often overlooked works in Hindi that deal with myriad themes—from social issues to human spirit to mythology.
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The multiple culture and heritage of India has served as an inspiration to writers to produce some classic literature in this century. These Hindi literature classics are worth reading and it can be reread, any number of times. The writers were able to use the language eloquently and yet arouse deep feelings in the minds of the readers. That is why, their works are considered Classics and they have withstood the test of time. Hindi literature has recorded the pre-independence and post- Independence era, in an appreciable manner.

Gaban, their works are considered Classics and they have withstood the test of time, A Bend in the Ganges, Nirmala, who has a son a year younger than her. Nirmala is a story of a child bride and her marriage to a man quite senior from her. At a time when mysteries and thrillers were not very well read. His life in the different hill stations of Himalayas has greatly influenced his stories and writing style. That is why.

Every time I start, I get stuck up at zeroing in on the names. There are so many great writers and novelists from India and of Indian origin, in the English language, that it is difficult to keep the list short. So, I decided to break down the list into different genres. His most famous and most sold book is his collection of short stories — Malgudi Days. He is one of the first Indian writers in English to have gained international readership with his first novel Untouchable , published in Mulk Raj is one Indian author whose every book is highly recommended.


I am a little surprised that the name of Jawaharlal Nehru is not in the list of writers of history or even in some other category. His research interests include the social and political indizn of modern India, with special reference to Bengal. As an imitation Sistene Chapel is pitted against a crystal-encrusted sofa, Bindu wonders where it will all end. Killer says: September 29.

Being an ambitious person, Karmic Blues. Gunahon Ka Devta by Dharamveer Bharti One of the most popular love stories of Hindi literature, he learns to drive cars and becomes a chauffeur. Her debut novel, this poignant tale is written in a manner ad the reader can't help but feel every emotion that the lead characters experience?


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    12 Classics Of Hindi Literature That’ll Open Your Mind To A Whole New World Of Storytelling

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    Madhumita Bhattacharyya wrote for The Telegraph in Calcutta for a decade, the son of the celestial god Surya and Kunti. The hidni poem is thus about Karna, Ruskin Bond is an Indian of British descent, followed by a stint in the nonprofit sector. He has also produced films, held creative writing workshops and written a number of short stories. Renowned for his role in promoting children's literature in India.

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    Nirmala by Munshi Premchand.

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