Writing and publishing a book in nigeria

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writing and publishing a book in nigeria

Cost of Publishing a Book in Nigeria | How to Publish a Book Guide

I spoke to their managing editor, Enajite Efemuaye about her very cool job, how she got there, her work in training editors, and book publishing in Nigeria. She also shared advice for writers in Nigeria looking to improve their craft and build a sustainable career. I read for a living. Most people know us by our literary imprint, Farafina. I work with a team of editors, graphic artists, illustrators and sometimes photographers and translators. I also work with writers, agents, and other publishers.
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How to Write & Publish a Book Pt. 2 (Live)

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How to Publish a Book in Nigeria

Please I have a ebook for sale,… please how will I publish it here. It should be in the standard format, as even the best book might go unnoticed because of poor formatting. Thank you, this would guide me a long way from here. Being published is not all there is to realm of writing and enjoying what you're doing.

Infact, I recently completed a page book for primary six pupils. Hello, this is true. I am desperately desperately in need of this information.

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Don't be realistic about your expectations. Writing should be a hobby. The prospect should be fun and not a chore. Being published is not all there is to realm of writing and enjoying what you're doing! Please also note that if you're under 18, publishers tend not to bother with all the legal hassle. Since you are not of age to sign the contract, and need parental consent, this brings further problems, and publishers tend to avoid young authors for that reason.

It gives you the various stages you need to follow to have a fine manuscript and eventually a masterpiece. Also if you are using Amazon, almost all publishers require a hard copy printed version of your story. However, I encourage you to open a Payoneer account to receive your fund. Step 4: Once you finish your story, In choosing the s.

For all those who want to find out how to publish a book in Nigeria, we have prepared a useful guide that can help you get through the whole process with ease. Join us, as we discuss the steps one needs to take to release their writings into the world and consider the important details that are essential for the process to go as smooth as possible. If you want to know how to publish a book, you need to consider a few questions first: what is the reason for you writing this book? What void will it fill in the market? Will anyone want to read it? Do you plan on self-publishing or do you need to consider looking for book publishers?


Annd, i would appreciate your assistance in this regard. Subscribe to my newsletter. This is the most important thing. Your post really means a lot to me.

This is amazing. They allows you to sell your book and upon registration, Amen. Good day sir. May God help you as you help others, they give you a detailed dashboard where you can monitor everything about your books.

Who are some reputable printing presses in Nigeria. I have written a few books with only one published. It goes without saying that I read a lot in my spare time. So take your time to edit the work.

Jumoke Verrisimo. How is that for reaching readers worldwide. It is also helpful to consult books similar to the one you have in mind to see how other authors approach the subject and to avoid writing about something hundreds of others have written before you. Please, kindly help me out.


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    Even international firms. Thanks for the enlightenment? My book has remained in draft status for months just because i find it troubleshooting in completing my account details via cheque. Getting a subject means that you have fully developed the concept.

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    Cost Of Publishing A Book In Nigeria Today - Nigerian Infopedia

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    Writing and publishing a book is not an easy task. Many a number of persons have the ability to write books. However, not so many get it right when it comes to publishing what they have written. 👨‍🦰

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