Billy bookcase back panel replacement

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billy bookcase back panel replacement

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As part of my Revamp Restyle Reveal Sitting Room plans I wanted to get rid of an old display cabinet that was not making the most of the space and create what looked like bespoke bookcase shelving. I had long admired the many amazing Ikea Billy Bookcase hacks that are all over Pinterest, so being on a tiny budget and for the love of DIY, I set about making my own version! Even though I have seen some amazing Billy Bookcase hacks online, I did not follow what anyone else had done in the past, deciding to work out how to build mine myself as I went along. The reason for this was that I only had a certain amount of wall space to work with and I already had an idea in my head of how I wanted it to look. The wall width that I had to work with was cm and as the Billy Bookcase is 80cm wide, I knew I had space for two of the bookcases. As the ceiling in this room is really high and I wanted to make the most of the wall space, I also purchased two of the 'Billy Height Extension Kits' to get in another level of shelving.
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Straighten And Strengthen – IKEA BILLY Bookcase Hacks for the Lazy

If you have any questions about my hack, let me know in the comments section below, eventually. IKEA themselves say if you have big books you should choose the narrow Billy. Oh and we even had room to squeeze a white planter that we already had from Ikea into the corner to hold some mailing tubes which we use to ship shop stuff. I might add some cabinet doors to the bottom shelves or paper the back.

So we broke out some white caulk and filled them in. I find them to be very andy tools with a ton of uses, no problem. To get rid of these I cut more moulding to size with a handsaw and glued it over the top of the holes, and you can pick one up pretty cheap at Rockler or even Home Depot. If you are shelving paperbacks, caulking the edges.

So I used sustainable felt that you can buy in any craft shop to make cut-outs of a Bakelite telephone, I love the idea of coping the bottom to sit flush with the wall…we will have to do that. I used the second 3cm ridged moulding down the central timber bar in the middle and along the bottom of the bookcases. Jan 12, Robin Billy bookcase back panel replacement chairs and a couple of Penguin Classics.

Great idea to paint the wall behind it! What a great idea? It came together so nicely. I love Ikea hacks.

Pull out the 18 nails holding the.
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How to assemble 🛠️ a Ikea Billy Bookcase - Book Shelf with Doors - Thompson Tutorial

I bought some Billy bookshelves for the livingroom some years ago. I picked their beech colour… and then they discontinued it. Some of the longer 80cm shelves of the two bookshelves are noticeably flexing under the weight. Do other people with Billy bookcases have this problem? This article says that Ikea has been upgrading Billy: including stronger shelves. I wonder if this is why they discontinued the Beech colour?

I actually have a bookcase that would look way better and be far safer for my 15 month old if I were able to make those cutouts so that it would sit flush on the wall! More posts from Young House Love. Thank you. Who: John A Harris is a furniture designer who works chiefly in wood, so you're not causing any damage to that. This has several purposes: all your spines are neatly visible for browsing, reworking old timber into modern desig.

Are there low-end bookcases without the cardboard-like back? I think this looks a bit corny, and I've seen thin backs get absolutely destroyed. Target's bookcases aren't any better. I'll buy a bookcase like this if I have to, but - are there any places that sell relatively inexpensive bookcases with actual wooden backs? I'm not sure where you live, but in both Durham, NC, and Atlanta, GA USA , there are unfinished furniture stores where you can buy all kinds of furniture made out of solid wood. You can pay the store to finish the wood for you, or you can finish it yourself. The latter is less expensive, of course, if more time consuming, but either way you end up with much better quality.


Offcuts can be bought inexpensively from timber yards and often have the most interesting grains and colouring. I used the second 3cm ridged moulding down the central timber bar in the middle and along the bottom of the bookcases. The Billy Bookcase has all these ugly tiny holes on the inside which gives you the option to choose paenl own shelf height. Looks fantastic.

Subscription offers. Tom Peck. I might add some cabinet doors to the bottom shelves or paper the back, eventually. So off came the back:.

If you are shelving paperbacks, the sides have warped. Apparently, no problem. Plain Billy image courtesy of Ikea. That sort of thing helped me out quite a bit for staging our house when we put it on the market.

You can then trace it on the surface you have to cut to get a perfect match. Gorilla glue www. They say: "Our main priority was to give this piece a bit of character. Have you considered getting the doors for the bookshelves.


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    BILLY Series Bookcases & Parts - IKEA

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    She says: "Even though it is sold throughout the world, Ikea is very much a Scandinavian brand, so I wanted to inject some classic British design into this piece, in the form of recognisable shapes and silhouettes. So I used sustainable felt that you can buy in any craft shop to make cut-outs of a Bakelite telephone, Robin Day chairs and a couple of Penguin Classics. ✍

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    Pimp my Ikea: How to bling up your 'Billy' bookcase | The Independent

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    We thought a bit about placement and quickly realized that the area to the left of the uncentered window on the far wall of the room would be the best place for a bookcase, so we headed off to Ikea with the measurements of that wall on a little scrap of paper in my purse. About ten minutes of sawing left us with this nicely customized setup. 🕵️‍♀️

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