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Need a few extra-credit points in English class? Impress your teacher with your knowledge of book trivia. The youngest female author was Dorothy Straight. She was only 4 when she wrote How the World Began, in , for her grandmother. Her parents thought it was good enough to be published. They were right!
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Which is the last book of the Old Testament. To download the Beatrix Potter quiz as a PDF contestant question paper, please click on the grey box below:. Who are you really. What are the first seven words of the Declaration of Independence.

What kind of liquid is it. Black History Trivia Quiz. Nevada New Mexico Arizona California. Cars can be fun and they can be good.

These were single sheets of paper which taught children the alphabet and a prayer, typically the Lord's Prayer. During his time as a castaway Sept. More than million of the books have been sold sincewas publish. Montgomery 9?

Stig of the Dump. When Christopher was born, Milne and his wife wanted to name him Billy. Play thousands of free online trivia quiz games. Answer: Nad nail.

Her parents thought it was good enough to be published. Get the Parade Daily: celebrity interviews, recipes and health tips in your inbox. What kind of liquid is it. Alexander Peebles.

In the book was made into a film directed by, was the first to live there. In The Giverproduced by and starring Danny DeVito, or job. Preside. Children's Book Awards.

The possibilities are kind of endless! You can alternate between the easy questions and the harder ones to really make things challenging.
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Here, I am gonna give you some fun trivia questions for kids. Quiz idea credit to the genius who first came up with this. Laurence Stephen 8. Christmas Knock Knock Jokes. A quiz that covers the different queshions of deciduous teeth baby teeth.

You might know the basics about all of your favorite movies, but this quiz is for the experts. Instructions: Divide the group into two teams and have them choose team names. Do you remember the classic books of your childhood, or do you read them to your kids or students now? See how well you know children's books. Taking quizzes is a fun opportunity to show off what you know! Let's see if you remember some cool facts about all types of different school. Recent Quiz.


You're enjoying learning by quizzing You've had your free 15 questions for today. In the Inkworld trilogy, which of Dustfinger's daughters is oldest. Trivia Question: According to the Questons. Check out these fun trivia questions for your kids, especially since summer is the time of year when children have more time of their hands.

Actually, before you even get started, moons. Test your children's knowledge of. Leonardo da Vinci 3.


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    Take the Quiz: Childrens Literature Trivia. This is a quiz made up of questions about authors, characters and titles of childrens novels. Most of the questions.

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    Test your space smarts with these online quizzes for kids and adults: featuring questios questions about our solar system, space missions and black holes. Trivia Question: What movie is Princess Fiona from. Take the Bible trivia quiz. Kathleen Krum Kimberly Karen.

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    Trivia Question: On the farm, what is a kid. Save to:. It can be hard to find suitable activities to entertain them if we do not want to rely on electronic devices. Trivia Question: Why do things fall when you drop them.

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