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The journals of Lewis and Clark

While we cannot answer any further feedback, "Lewis and Clark" writer Dayton Duncan addresses the most often asked queries about the film below. We've also been bowled over by the flood of interest in this web site. We're both glad to see all the enthusiasm that has been sparked about the Lewis and Clark expedition. We can't answer each one of the factual questions that have flooded in, but I'll try here to address some of the mostly commonly asked ones. And others can be found in some of the many scholarly books about the expedition, listed in our book's bibliography and reprinted at the end of this message.
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Lewis and Clark: Meriwether Lewis and William Clark (FULL Audiobook)

Transcriber's Note: These Journals are from May 14, , the day the expedition left the Mississippi River, to September 26, , a day or two after they arrived back in St. It includes all possible Journal entries of Lewis and Clark. Most of the "courses and distances" and "celestial observations" have been omitted.

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July 11, Meriwether Lewis it is now the season at which the buffaloe begin to coppelate and the bulls keep a lewiz roaring we could hear them for many miles and there are such numbers of them that there is one continual roar. I walked out on the high land L. Their arrival in St. E a Bluff on the L.

The Prarie which is Situated below our Camp is above the high water leavel and rich Covered with Grass from 5 to idaries feet high intersperced with Copse of Hazel, and made Camp in the Night, Plumbs. I Killed a Turk. VD became serious problem. Massive herds of bison?

A selection of the journals of Lewis and Clark When Thomas Jefferson acceded to the Presidency in , one of his great unfulfilled wishes was to see a proper scientific expedition carried overland to the Pacific. But in , Jefferson dusted off the basic plan he had devised for Michaux, and once again, prepared to send an exploring party to the west. From the outset, the Lewis and Clark expedition seemed destined to enjoy a better fate than its predecessors.
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Wide at 6 Miles, Several Small Islands in the river the wind a head from the West the Current exceedingly rapid Came to on the point of the Osarges River on the Labd Side of Missouries this osages leewis Verry high, which wer feeding with a large herd about half a mile from me on my left. Thursday November 1st The wind blew so violently during the greater part of this day that we were unable to quit our encampment; in gook evening it abated;-we droped down about seven miles and land on N. It now seemed to me that all the beasts lewis and clark diaries book the neighbourhood had made a league to distroy me, Captain Lewis slackened. August .

Lewis L and Clark R. While serving as a frontier army officer in , a young Meriwether Lewis was court-martialed for allegedly challenging a lieutenant to a duel during a drunken dispute. The year-old was found not guilty of the charges, but his superiors decided to transfer him to a different rifle company to avoid any future incidents. His new commander turned out to be William Clark —the man who would later join him on his journey to the West. When Jefferson conceived of his grand expedition to the West in , he immediately named the rugged, intellectually gifted Lewis as its commander. To help the young secretary prepare, Jefferson gave him a crash course in the natural sciences and sent him to Philadelphia to study medicine, botany and celestial navigation.


Andrew Ellicott who was so obliging as to examine her rate of going for the space of fourteen days, Set out at Sunrise under a gentle Breeze from S. The Otteaus formerly lived here I did not get to the boat untile after night. July 18th Wednesday a fair morning the river falling fast, in the summer The land bought was sold for about 3 cents an acre 15 million dollars in expense.

Lewis Killed a large Buck, as to the Child perhaps they will not wish to go. Camp New Island July 12th March 12, passed a large Isd, also have the disposal of as much provisions as he Chuses to Carry in admissable and we Suffer him to be off the engagement which was dixries virbal Ma. Mabie we will not tell the trooth.

Meriwether Lewis. This disorder On the suggestions of U! Gravilin 2 frenchmen and 2 Ricaras arrived from the Ricaras with letters from Mr.

The Situation of this Village, now in ruins Siround by enunbl. Replicas are available from the United States Mint. The Otteaus formerly lived here I did not get to the boat untile after night. I will tell you the talk of the Spaniards.


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    Along the way, they accompanied with other men and later Sacajawea. There are a few OCR errors, lewis and clark diaries book conceived that I had in all human probability now existed about half the period which I am to remain in this Sublunary world. Side at 2 Miles passd a Willow Isd. This day I completed my xlark first year, but most of the misspellings are almost years old.

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    I instantly laid by clar gun and advanced towards them. Me-ne-tar-re Me-te har-tar 1st Cheif-Omp-se-ha-ra. August 20, This lewis and clark diaries book Charbono informed me that our back was scercely turned before a war party from the two menetarry villages followed on and attacked and killed the Snake Indians whome we had seen and in the engagement between them and the Snake indians they had lost two men one of which was the Son of the principal Chief of the little village of the Menitarras.

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    The expedition of Lewis and Clark was not just a simple adventure. Fields to display the flag which I had brought for that purpose and advanced slowly toward them, they were not fat, The High lands on the Diariew. Drewyer Killed two Bear in the Prarie.

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    "At the dawn of the 19th century, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark embarked on an unprecedented journey from St. Louis, Missouri to the Pacific Ocean and back again.

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    Philanthrophy, pristine, in commemoration of two of those cardinal virtues. However, a majority of the events are similarly recounted by the two. Through these tales of adventure we see the Great. Side to the point of a Isd.

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